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JOSF focuses on the taxonomy and ecology of coral reef fishes and is open to submissions in the field. We offer free publication and open-access, rapid review and publication, online digital and hard-copy print submitted to libraries, with a turnaround of days to weeks. The journal is not just an e-publication for species descriptions, but a traditional printed journal.

Why another journal? The era of the traditional printed journal is rapidly waning. The restricted access, high selectivity, and bundling into journal issues we have become accustomed to were simply products of the cost of paper and printing. Now, with easily accessible software for layout as well as online digital publishing, the cost barrier is being eliminated.

During this transition period, a variety of hybrid models are proliferating- mostly combinations of printed and online, subscription or free, peer-reviewed or not. Numerous online open-access journals have recently sprouted, some dubious and predatory, with high and/or hidden page charges. But, since each paper is individually accessible and searchable on the web, the compendium it happens to be part of and who happens to host the collection is really irrelevant. Clearly, the model for dissemination of scientific results is changing quickly, with progressive fragmentation of journals and ever wider and easier access.

Zootaxa has become the leading fish taxonomy journal at present, but, unfortunately, most articles are not open-access and remain inaccessible to many readers. PLoS One recently entered the taxonomy business, but charges $1350 to $2900 to publish a paper, without a hard copy. The older traditional ichthyology journals, like Copeia, are slow, copyrighted against pdf copying or web-posting, not open-access and unavailable to those without expensive subscriptions.

E-mail the editor, Benjamin Victor, for information on submissions.

59 new species described to date: click on titles below for abstracts and links to downloadable pdf copies....
Vol 14: G.R. Allen
  Descriptions of two new gobies (Gobiidae: Acentrogobius) from Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea
  Fahmi & W.T. White
  Atelomycterus erdmanni, a new species of catshark (Scyliorhinidae: Carcharhiniformes) from Indonesia
  G.R. Allen
  Four new species of Trimma (Pisces: Gobiidae) from Papua New Guinea and Indonesia
  A.D. Connell, B.C. Victor, & J.E. Randall
  A new species of Pseudojuloides (Perciformes: Labridae) from the south-western Indian Ocean
Vol 13: R. Fricke
  Callionymus madangensis, a new species of dragonet from Papua New Guinea, southwestern Pacific Ocean (Teleostei: Callionymidae)
  N. Vineesh, C. Mohitha, K.K. Bineesh, Rahul G. Kumar, A. Gopalakrishnan, & V.S. Basheer
  DNA barcoding and taxonomic notes on the genus Macolor (Perciformes: Lutjanidae) from Indian waters
  D.W. Greenfield & M.V. Erdmann
  Eviota algida, a new dwarfgoby species from the upwelling waters off Nusa Penida, Indonesia (Teleostei: Gobiidae)
  R. Fricke
  Unguitrema nigrum, a new genus and species of clingfish (Teleostei: Gobiesocidae) from Madang, Papua New Guinea
Vol 12: J.E. Randall & H. Ida
  Three new species of sand lances (Perciformes: Ammodytidae) from the southwest Indian Ocean
  D.W. Greenfield & S.L. Jewett
  Eviota minuta, a new dwarfgoby from the Philippine Islands (Teleostei: Gobiidae)
  L.A. Jawad, M.E. Al-Badri, & R. Fricke
  New records of thicklips and grunts from the marine waters of Iraq (Teleostei: Haemulidae)
  B.C. Victor
  Three new endemic cryptic species revealed by DNA barcoding of the gobies of the Cayman Islands (Teleostei: Gobiidae)
  J.E. Randall & B.C. Victor
  Four new fishes of the genus Pempheris (Perciformes: Pempheridae) from the western Indian Ocean
Vol 11: B.C. Victor & J.E. Randall
  Pseudojuloides edwardi, n. sp. (Perciformes: Labridae): an example of evolution of male-display phenotype outpacing divergence in mitochondrial genotype
  G.R. Allen & M.V. Erdmann
  A new species of damselfish (Chromis: Pomacentridae) from Papua New Guinea
  D.W. Greenfield & M.V. Erdmann
  Eviota tetha, a new species of dwarfgoby from Cenderawasih Bay, West Papua, Indonesia (Teleostei: Gobiidae)
  T. Suzuki & D.W. Greenfield
  Two new dwarfgobies from the Ryukyu Islands, Japan: Eviota shibukawai and Eviota filamentosa (Teleostei: Gobiidae)
  M.K. Sajeevan & B. Madhusoodana Kurup
  Osteological features of Cobia, Rachycentron canadum (Linnaeus 1766)
Vol 10: D.W. Greenfield, S.V. Bogorodsky, & A.O. Mal
  Two new Red Sea dwarfgobies (Teleostei, Gobiidae, Eviota)
  D.W. Greenfield, R. Winterbottom, & T. Suzuki
  Eviota occasa, a new species of dwarfgoby from Palau and the Ryukyu Islands, Japan (Teleostei: Gobiidae)
  J.E. Randall & K.K. Bineesh
  Review of the fishes of the genus Pempheris (Perciformes: Pempheridae) of India, with description of a new species and a neotype for P. mangula Cuvier
PRIOR ISSUES, 2013 and earlier
Vol 9: J.E. Randall, S.V. Bogorodsky, T.J. Alpermann, U. Satapoomin, R.D. Mooi, & A.O. Mal
  Pempheris flavicycla, a new pempherid fish from the Indian Ocean, previously identified as P. vanicolensis Cuvier
Vol 8: J.E. Randall, S.V. Bogorodsky, & A.O. Mal
  Four new soles (Pleuronectiformes: Soleidae) of the genus Aseraggodes from the western Indian Ocean
  J.E. Randall & A.D. Connell
  Nemateleotris exquisita, a new microdesmid fish from the Indian Ocean (Perciformes: Microdesmidae)
  B.C. Victor
  Scorpaena wellingtoni n. sp., a new scorpionfish from the Galápagos Islands (Scorpaeniformes: Scorpaenidae)
  J.E. Randall & B.C. Victor
  Bodianus atrolumbus (Valenciennes 1839), a valid species of labrid fish from the southwest Indian Ocean
Vol 7: J.E. Randall
  Seven new species of labrid fishes (Coris, Iniistius, Macropharyngodon, Novaculops, and Pteragogus) from the Western Indian Ocean
  B.C. Victor
  The Caribbean Roughhead Triplefin (Enneanectes boehlkei): DNA barcoding reveals a complex of four West Indian sympatric cryptic species (Teleostei: Blennioidei: Tripterygiidae)
Vol 6: J.E. Randall
  Review of the Indo-Pacific labrid fish genus Hemigymnus
  B.C. Victor & G.M. Wellington
  Citharichthys darwini n. sp., a new endemic flatfish from the Galápagos Archipelago (Teleostei: Pleuronectiformes: Paralichthyidae)
  G. R. Allen, W.T. White, & M.V. Erdmann
  Two new species of snappers (Pisces: Lutjanidae: Lutjanus) from the Indo-West Pacific
Vol 5: B.C. Victor
  Hypoplectrus floridae n. sp. and Hypoplectrus ecosur n. sp., two new Barred Hamlets from the Gulf of Mexico (Pisces: Serranidae): more than 3% different in COI mtDNA sequence from the Caribbean Hypoplectrus species flock
Vol 4: B.C. Victor
  Emblemariopsis carib and Emblemariopsis arawak, two new chaenopsid blennies from the Caribbean Sea: DNA barcoding identifies males, females, and juveniles and distinguishes sympatric cryptic species
Vol 3: B.C. Victor
  The Redcheek Paradox: the mismatch between genetic and phenotypic divergence among deeply divided mtDNA lineages in a coral-reef goby, with the description of two new cryptic species from the Caribbean Sea
Vol 2: K.E. Clifton, E.M. Dubey, & E. Woodburn
  A quantitative assessment of reef fish distribution and abundance within near-shore reef habitats of Yap State, F. S. M
Vol 1: B.C. Victor
  Redescription of Coryphopterus tortugae (Jordan) and a new allied species Coryphopterus bol (Perciformes: Gobiidae: Gobiinae) from the tropical western Atlantic Ocean